The best cheap iPod Touch sale prices and deals in August 2019

ipod touch sales prices deals

We're never far from a sale nowadays and that means fantastic opportunities to get some cheap iPod Touch deals. Our comparison chart below will show you prices from multiple stores.

Despite the phenomenal success of the smartphone, people are still always asking us where to find cheap iPod Touch prices. iPod Touch sales in 2018? You better believe it. Apple might not make much noise about the phone-sized media player nowadays, but the 6th-generation version is still a big seller and we expect it to be in demand once again before Christmas. There are plenty of new units in stock too, so you won't have to settle for a used one.

The iPod Touch looks like an iPhone, but doesn't actually work as a phone so there's no chance of running up any bills - because there aren't any! It's a beast on Wi-Fi and super handy for browsing the net, watching videos, listening to music and using lots of different items from the App Store. Naturally, many downloaded apps function great away from Wi-Fi too. All at a fraction of the cost of an iPhone

Smaller than a tablet, even the iPad Mini, it's not hard to see why Apple's cheapest screened device is still such a hit. With lots of colours available, it's been a popular pick with parents as it staves off younger children's need for a phone as they can use a cheap iPod Touch instead to play games. The current 32GB 6th-gen iPod Touch prices are typically around $199 / £199 which is way cheaper than an iPhone or any of the iPads. Prices do shoot up with larger storage capacity versions and we occasionally see the rarer 16GB model go for less. 

The latest 6th-gen version is the only one we'd recommend nowadays new stock is still readily available. It also runs everything much faster than older models and has a longer-lasting battery. The camera is the best of the bunch too.

The cheapest iPod Touch sales prices and deals

So if Apple's tiny but mighty, web-browsing media-playing mascot looks like a good fit for you or the kids, take a look at our price comparison chart below and we'll do our best to find you some cheaper prices.